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    "السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ hello my friend, after 9 years this post was made after my effort, energy and time consumed..thank you for your time willing to read this summary story of long journey..

    I am graduated in Computer Science from top University. I came from not wealthy but rich attitude family. Just after graduated my father left us. Then I live with my mom and pets only. Money does not bring happiness but at this moment, burdened with education loan.

    So what to do is get a job and go to work! Applied many job vacancies I went every interview call then accepted work in private sector. I work well but obstacle against me so later few times took quick leave.

    The reason is I suffered from allergies named..

    Sinusitis, Asthma and Cluster headache.


    When this headache pain happen i feel like hell. Now i realise its one of most painful ever experience..

    Worse than my idol, Elon Musk

    My Goals

    • Give mom present(s)

    Buy required business equipments so i can work start make income

    • Plant legit investment for future

    • Take care of abandon cats nearby from starvation and sickness

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    A muslim guy with disability unemployed due to Health issue and got scammed recently. Your help really needed during his hard time. May God ٱللَّٰه‎ bless and multiple repay in return those supporting. Donator please leave a message to contact. You may selected to get mystery prize!


    Read the story..


    "Every donation i appreciate THANK YOU very much from bottom of heart.

    Leave info about donor so I can contact.

    This funding will close when reach target.


    May God return the favor by send you to heaven"

    What to do next?
    I spend only $200-300 per month for ages. A good friend invited to join Multi-level Marketing. I suitable to work with this one. After start making profit the company vanish so suffering money loss. Education loan need to settle down so I borrowed money from mom / mother.

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    Observation from medical i have type of allergy that very sensitive to unpleasant surrounding. Thats mean I can live like normal people and work at place or condition that less pressure, clean, & well humidity. Even using medicine only to reduce i unable to prevent it. So employer no tolerant such situation so I was terminate. I understand that private company need to maintain their reputation. This condition is not same when study time. Work in another companies also experience same issue. Applied suitable jobs but never get one.

    With experience and skills I believe I can run a business but the business type need huge capital. So to accomplish the idea I met businessmen who are willing to be sharepartner. Business ran smoothly with passion time by time. Until pandemic session business hard to sustain and at that time when i came to workplace found out my items missing! Sharepartner were at the incident location seems not take responsibility. At the end sharepartner ran away and I bear business loss.

    New path
    Start new business with small capital. Making profit little by little. At that time cryptocurrency getting more popular. Someone I know well make investment on bitcoin under Mirror Trading International. This is opporturnity but before joining took reviews seems can be trust so I join. After few months the company vanish it actually a scam! Right now should gain big profits for future. I cried and feel sad for few months. However I already can earn small income in currencies trading..


    My cheap items was stolen at shop

    Medical Annually


    Education debt left


    Items missing


    Business loss (my mistake)


    Investment + Forex loss


    Total Loss


    Of what happened I am sorry mom for being troublesome 

    My beloved cats



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    Raised       $100

    Goal          $18,700

    gallery/i am sorry mom

    Contact us

    Fri, May 07 2021

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    Account and sample report


    Few of thousand jobs applied

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