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      Description: This company strives for the advancement of Men through a speaker series platform that educates us how we become BETTER husbands, fathers, mentors, neighbours, coaches, stewards, etc. It is a faith based initiative that will target believers and non-believers of all ethnicity.


      Style: Classic, Mature, Masculine, Luxurious

      Description: Logo for a town that has been long recognized for its heritage preservation (old world). The logo reflect the heritage in a professional way.


      Style: Mature, Literal, Sophisticated, Luxurious

      Logo Design of 2017

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      This is for a wellness coach based on genetic data of the client. The secondary business is an in-office human performance testing center. The target is executives of small and medium businesses (highly stressed, mostly male, late 30s to early 60s, adequate disposable income) that seek to improved their overall health.


      Style: Modern, Mature, Abstract, Economical, Masculine


      A brand that aligns to water enthusiasts who are involved in activities involving currents. Some example is fly fishing, kayaking and white water rafting.


      Color: Redish, Dark neutrals, Bluish

      Style: Masculine, Sophisticated, Luxurious

      Description: An extreme adventure travel company that takes people on adrenaline filled trips such as skydiving, speed riding and dog sledding. Their purpose is to inspire people to truly live and be present by introducing them to things that quiet their thoughts and make them feel with all their being. Target audience are adventurous souls out there (focused on the Middle East).


      Style: Sophisticated, Luxurious, Youthful

      Description: Cryptocurrency news website that going to rise and now it's time for a refresh.


      Style: Mature, Sophisticated, Geometric, Literal


      This is a commercial, tv, and film production company. Its audience is both current and potential clients for Entertainment & Arts.


      Style: Classic, Playful, Youthful, Masculine, Economical, Literal


      An agency that provides representation and management for creatives and sells books to publishers.
      The target audience is writers and illustrators.


      Style: Feminine, Sophisticated, Luxurious

      Description: Development personality and bring harmony into relationship through personal development (coaching) for singles and couples. Ages 25 and above.


      Style: Modern, Luxurious, Youthful, Literal, Feminine, Playful

      Description: Bike helmet with the coolest skater look for women.
      A cool design that can be funny, evil or eye catching. The importance is that it looks cool.

      Style: Funny, eye catching, evil or cool


      Games & Recreational of Online Gambling included slots, live casino and sportsbook. Target audience is Men 20-45 years old.

      Partial design of our casino Homepage.


      Yellow: #f7d146
      Blue: #17bef0
      Green: #43aa8b
      Light Grey : #e9e9e9 #dad9d9 #f5f3f3
      Dark Grey: #202020 #171717 #141414

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      Design of 2017


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