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The owner of this website graduated in Computer Science from National University of Malaysia. He came from not wealthy but rich attitude family. Just after graduate his father left them. Then live with his mom and pets only. Money does not bring happiness but at this moment, he burdened with education loan. So it is time get a job. He applied multiple times to get a job and accepted in private sector and work well but obstacle against him. Few times he took quick leave and the reason is he got allergy and cannot avoid it. Employer no tolerant such situation so he got fired. Work in other companies also experience same issue.

Worse than his idol, Elon Musk


  • Build a studio with equipments for working and new project

  • Take care of abandoned cats nearby from starvation and sickness









  • Able to migrate to get dream job, make a new life and experience

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Peace upon to everyone, this post was made after effort, energy and time consumed..thank you for your time to read this summary story of long journey..

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  • Phone stolen
  • Notebook stolen
  • Education debt
  • Business share down











  • Disaster at home

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He understand that company need to keep their reputation. With experience and skills he wanted tu run a business but the business type needs huge capital. So to accomplish the idea he found some businessmen who are willing to be sharepartner. Business ran smoothly with passion time by time but recently economy crisis getting worse. Problems caused by business sharepartners then some dumped him and some ran away. Latest he already applied hundreds of job and still no response. Then this website was created. Hope in new decade is life changing.

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